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Here are some sound files for ROCKY or PowerSDR. They are quite big (650MB for the first wav file, 44 MB for the second), so you should right click and do "save as" and expect a long time for the download to finish. If you simply click on them they with probably open in your default sound player. While you might find the raw file interesting, that is not the intent. The intent is to load the sound file into ROCKY or PowerSRD and play it there so you can scan the band of sounds for signals.

Weighing in at 650MB: IQ-2008MAY24_CW_Contest.wav
This smaller file is 44MB and is here: IQ_2005_20M_SSB_SSTV.wav


I've used this free software package with the Softrock:

The famous IQ Direct Conversion Detector with only 1db loss

In phase and Quadrature Local Oscilator and pull up/down for the circuit above

FET Buffer for IF sampling