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SFI > 170 => Good Propagation
SN < 090 => Low Sun Spot#
SN > 180 => High Sun Spot#

Conditions A-In K-In
Quiet 0-7 0-2 Unsettled 8-15 3 Active 16-29 4 Minor Storm 30-49 5 Major Storm 50-99 6 Severe Strom >100 7-9 XRays @304A of 134 is Average

Below Courtesy of DG2KBC

Red is Best, Blue is Poor

Here are videos of raising the tower for the 2016 Field Day event at my wife's brother's lodge in Becket, MA. The mast was 25 feet tall, the antenna was a 2 element tri-band bean with a two element 6 meter beam in the center of the two HF elements. It was fixed and pointed at CA, and worked well, covering all of the main land US on 20, 15 and 10 meters. It was a lot of fun.

This is 720p, and includes the setup and trial raising (350MB big): FD2016_720P_1A-MA.mp4 (Right click and select "Save Link as...")
And this is 1080p, and covers the final raising from a different direction (200MB big): FD2016_1080P_1A-MA.mp4 (Right click and select "Save Link as...")